Can’t Decide What to Dress Your Pooch for Halloween? Help is Here!!

In my neighborhood everyone dresses their pets up for Halloween. The West Village is a big dog neighborhood and I wanted to dress my Black Labs up this year.



The 10 Best Dog Costumes on Pinterest

It’s Halloween and your dog needs a costume. Maybe it should be Katy Perry or Harry Potter or a Smurf?


Provided photo

Devo Gets Political With Song About Mitt Romney’s Dog

Mitt Romney has been hard-pressed to live down a now-infamous road trip to Canada in 1983, in which he strapped his dog Seamus to the roof of his station wagon in a kennel for what he thought was a suitable transportation method for 12 hours. But eccentric new-wavers Devo, like the political left, are not letting the Republican presidential candidate forget about the debacle any time soon.



Why My Dogs Are Better Than a Man….

I really need to take a new picture of my dogs! They look like a two-headed dog in this picture (one is laying on top of the other). But Saturday night, I decided I didn’t […]


"Check those treats, toots! My butt is on FIRE!"

You Could Have Something in Your Cabinet Right Now That Is Making Your Dog Sick!!

Last night I was all snuggled up getting ready for today’s show, bopping around the Internets when I came across a story that chilled me to the bone. My 8-year old Black Labs, Bailey and […]



Have You Had a Brush With Fame? Thanks To My Pups, I Have!

The West Village is such a great place to have dogs! My Bailey and Allie are like little celebrities. They are 8-year-old Black Labs – sisters that I adopted from North Shore Animal League – […]



Who Spent More on Costumes This Halloween? Doggy Moms and Dads or Those with Two-Legged Kids?

Just how much did you spend on Halloween costumes this year? I was in PetSmart the other day and a woman spent over $100 on a costume for her little Yorkie. I was shocked (as […]


Lynea Lattanzio

The Lady With 700 Cats: Watch This Weekend On Nat Geo!

Lynea Lattanzio is not a hoarder or a crazy cat lady. She calls the “no kill cat sanctuary” that she operates on 12 acres on the King’s River in California “The Cat House On The Kings.”  I call […]


Does Your Dog Talk to You?

Those are my babies!! My Bailey and Allie. They will be 8 years old next month and are the lights of my life! In this picture they look like a two-headed dog because they are […]


Guilty Dog Gets Me Every Time!

This video kills me… I would forgive this baby instantly! Poker face he is not… but when you see the human-like faces this pup makes, you’ll cave too!