After Hours At Comic-Con: Drinking With Disney

We have a team on the ground of Comic-Con bringing us the latest, greatest and smelliest news from the world biggest fan convention. After a day of high and lows, it was time to see […]


Star Tours 3D Opens at Orlando Disney, Producer Craig Was There!

The original Star Tours ride opened at Disney in Orlando on December 15, 1989.  Last week, George Lucas and Disney teamed up for an updated version of their beloved ride… and I was there! Check […]


Jim & Kim's Wednesday Boombox: Centerfold!

Every Wednesday, Jim & Kim bring you their latest  Boombox pick! It’s a song you propably haven’t heard in a while and this week we chose the 1982 classic, “Centerfold” by J. Geils Band. Read on to take […]


What's Fresh Around Town for Monday!

Individual tickets for the 10th Annual Tribeca Film Festival go on sale, today! Read on to get the details and to find out what else made Mondays list of What’s Fresh Around Town!


Malicious Gossip: Selena Gomez to Follow the Yellow Brick Road?

Disney Princess Selena Gomez dreams of one day calling herself Dorothy Gale and “following the yellow brick road.”  Her boyfriend Justin Bieber may just want to go with her! Find out the details in today’s Malicious Gossip!


Malicious Gossip: Katy's Love Notes, Angie's Scent & Jack's Cash!

Katy Perry is writing and leaving love notes around the house to her hubby Russell Brand while she’s out on tour! Plus Angelina Jolie has her own line of jewelery coming out and Jack Black […]


Dean Daniels sings “The Kim Song” on the Morning Show!

Songmaster Dean Daniels was kind enough to join us down at Disney!  If you don’t know who he is, he’s a songwriter exclusively at Disney who works for you! Kim was sent away while Jim […]


Jim & Kim interview Joe Jonas!

While down in Disney, Jim and Kim had the opportunity to interview Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers.  Check out their interview with him here!


The All-Dancing Morning Show!

Check out the Morning Show as we make our Debut Video with Mickey down in Florida!