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Dancing with the Has-Been’s Cast Has Been Revealed!

The new cast of ABC‘s Dancing with the Stars has officially been announced, and let’s just say this should be interesting.


Fresh Fact or Fiction: Scream Edition!

The Scream franchise returns to theaters for the first time in 11 years with Scream 4 this weekend. The first 3 made over $500 million at the box office and now we’re testing your knowledge […]


David Arquette Starts New Year In Rehab

Actor David Arquette has been having a pretty rough time lately and he hasn’t been afraid to tell anyone and everyone who will listen. Earlier this year, Arquette took to the airwaves to discuss his […]


Courteney Saying “No” To Divorce

There may be trouble in marital bliss for Courteney Cox and David Arquette, but Courteney stated most definitely in an interview with TV Week, that she and David are not getting divorced… at least for […]


Jim & Kim talk to David Arquette: Part 2!

This morning Jim and Kim talked to David Arquette about his recent charity work!  Part 2 centers on his relationship with his wife, Courtney Cox, and the next installment of the Scream series!


Jim & Kim talk to David Arquette: Part 1!

Jim & Kim talk to David Arquette about his charity Feeding America!  This is Part 1 of our interview!


On Tomorrow’s Jim & Kim Morning Show

Jim & Kim will talk to actor/activist David Arquette about the new Scream 4 film!  Plus….more!  Listen here!