Photo: Joe Cingrana/Fresh 102.7

“Straight” Jim Learns Some Fabulous Dance Moves For His First Gay Wedding

Let’s face it, there are a lot of things about Jim Douglas that set him far above the rest of the world’s straight men. As a self-professed metrosexual, Jim frequently tends to his plants around the office and he’s the first to mention how pretty Kim looks on a daily basis. But when it comes to dancing, Jim is as straight as they come.


"Here comes the 'Making the Pizza,' Cupcake!"

Breaking News: Jim’s Dance Moves Embarrass His Wife, Cupcake. Film At Eleven!

Over the weekend, my wife and I attended a Bat Mitzvah and the subsequent celebration of the event at a restaurant in New Jersey. “Cupcake” (My wife, Catherine) says I do a certain something at […]


That Sound You Heard Last Night Was Maksim Chmerkovskiy Dropping Kirstie Alley On DWTS!

Owwwww! I don’t know who got hurt more on this move gone wrong! On last night’s Dancing With The Stars, dancing pro Maksim apparently suffered a “charlie horse” (coincidentally, that’s the same pet name Maksim […]


Pamela Anderson Goes Home

Perhaps the most popular actress to perform on “Dancing With the Stars” has done her last dance. Pamela Anderson was ousted from the hit ABC show Tuesday. Judges praised the 42-year-old sex symbol throughout the […]