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Who Better to Give Parenting Advice Than… Octomom!

She does have 14 kids after all! Nadya Suleman is getting paid six figures to host a new Internet show called OctoTV on My wife is an amazing mom. I credit her with how […]


Jim's Old Clothes

Does Your Significant Other Need a Clothing Intervention?

One thing I always pride myself on is that I am a pretty snappy dresser. I have enough Kohl’s Bucks to pay the national debt. But apparently my wife doesn’t agree. She gave me the […]


Put Away Your Shoes Toots!

What Do You Fight With Your Significant Other About the Most?

I love my wife, Cupcake… We’ve been together for 25 wonderful years and the reason we’re still together is that we’re still really great friends. She puts notes in my lunch every morning and my […]


"Please pass the barf bag.."

If I Have To Eat One More Spoonful Of Ambrosia, I’m Gonna LOSE It!

Every family has someone who brings a prepared dish for the holidays. One that one no really likes, but in the spirit of the holidays no one says they don’t like it! Maybe it’s a […]


"Jim, where are my shoes?"

I’ve Got a Sleep Talker At Home, and She Wants Her Shoes!

This morning, I was talking about how, every once in a while, my wife will “sleep talk.” Sometimes she says things that are nothing more than a whisper, other times it’s a whole conversation. Last […]


"HA HA! Jim makes poor decisions!"

Jim Bought a New TV… Everyone Point and Laugh!

The Black Friday sales this year should be spectacular! One group of items that will see a particularly drastic drop in prices will be electronics. I hope you’re as excited as I am, since I […]


"Here comes the 'Making the Pizza,' Cupcake!"

Breaking News: Jim’s Dance Moves Embarrass His Wife, Cupcake. Film At Eleven!

Over the weekend, my wife and I attended a Bat Mitzvah and the subsequent celebration of the event at a restaurant in New Jersey. “Cupcake” (My wife, Catherine) says I do a certain something at […]


Nice gourds, Jim...

Jim & Kim: Jim Goes To the Pumpkin Farm!

Last Friday, I called my wife, Cupcake (yes, she likes the nick-name), and asked if she would mind if I played golf on Friday and Saturday. That’s way more golf than I usually play and […]



Jim & Kim: Negotiating with Your Spouse – Trading Golf for the Pumpkin Farm!

A successful marriage is the art of give and take, EXCEPT WHEN IT COMES TO GOING TO THE PUMPKIN FARM!