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Mini Madonna Is Planning for College

Lourdes Leon may have a famous mama, but she’s no spoiled brat.


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Class of 2016: First Generation to Grow Up in a Completely Digital World, Study Finds

Remember the days of going to the record store to buy a new CD? Well, the Class of 2016 probably doesn’t.


"Prodigy? That British techno band used to offer internet service?"

Back-2-School: The Web is Older Than Incoming College Freshmen!

Ready to feel old? Beloit College has released it’s annual list of the “world view” of freshmen moving into colleges across the United States over the next few weeks. Officials at Beloit say they publish […]


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James Franco Is Single, Ladies

Hey Ladies, have you ever wanted to get cozy with the guy that allegedly got stoned and hosted the Academy Awards?