Ashton and Demi Had Open Marriage, Someone Should Have Told Ashton

The Kutcher-Moore marriage has been rife with sex scandals, but not all the women were off-limits to Ashton–just the ones that Demi didn’t approve of.


Have You Ever Caught Someone Cheating on You?!

Technology is a good thing…unless of course you’re running around on your significant other!! Enter the iPhone 4S… the cheater seeker. A NYC man upgraded his iPhone 4 and handed his wife a brand new […]


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Is this the End of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore?

It’s been a big month for Ashton Kutcher. He took over for Charlie Sheen on ‘Two and a Half Men‘ and now he’s defending his monogamy skills yet again. According to, A 23-year-old woman […]


Tabloid Trash: Katy Perry Might Be Cheating On Russell Brand!

Sources close to Katy Perry are saying that she is CHEATING on her new hubby Russell Brand with a member of her creative team!! Our money was on Russell being the cheater! Listen to hear […]


Sexting Behind Longoria-Parker Divorce

Oh Tony Parker, you could have avoided this whole mess had you just deleted your sexts. The cause behind Eva Longoria and Tony Parker‘s divorce is Eva’s discovery of hundreds of sexually explicit texts between […]


Malicious Gossip: Is Brad Pitt Cheating?

Lots of rumors about Brad Pitt going a little too far with his flirtations!  Listen here!


Tabloid Trash: David Beckham Cheating?

Looks like David Beckham is now suing the lady that accused him of cheating!  But, now there’s a story that David Beckham was almost run off the road by a man who suspected his wife […]


Is Ashton Cheating On Demi?

According to Star Magazine, yes. According to Ashton Kutcher, absolutely not. A couple of weeks ago, Star published a story about Ashton heavily petting a young blond lass. Mr. Demi went straight to Twitter to […]


Tabloid Trash: September 2nd

Is John Travolta cheating on his wife?  The National Enquirer is reporting that he’s cheated on his wife with men!


Gavin Rossdale Responds Courtney Love

[lastfm]Gavin Rossdale[/lastfm] has responded to accusations by [lastfm]Courtney Love[/lastfm] that he cheated on [lastfm]Gwen Stefani [/lastfm]with her.