Charlie Sheen

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Who Do YOU Consider To Be the Most Annoying Celebrity?

Kim Kardashian has been named the Most Annoying Celebrity in a poll by Parade Magazine and Yahoo’s OMG! She took 29-percent of the vote, just beating out Charlie Sheen. The top five most annoying stars […]



Charlie Sheen Will Watch His Own Funeral

I know this is going to be strange, seeing Ashton Kutcher instead of Charlie. But, maybe it can work. Just seeing the cast standing next to Ashton, I am reminded of the talented, funny people […]


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Brooke Mueller Goes to Mexico to Take Even More Drugs

If anyone is more of a mess than Charlie Sheen, it’s his ex-wife Brooke Mueller. And now, according to TMZ, Brooke is heading to Cancun to go to a week long drug rehabilitation program that […]


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Charlie To Bite the Big One

It may be utterly impossible to kill Charlie Sheen, but Charlie Harper is another story. Charlie Harper, Sheen’s character on Two and a Half Men needs to be explained off the show, and according to […]


Ashton Kutcher Is the New Charlie Sheen

I’m not talking nonsensical tangents about #winning and tiger blood, I mean he’s actually going to replace Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men. Kutcher broke the news to his fans on Twitter by […]


Charlie Sheen Talks Rehab With Twins

Charlie Sheen is a great father! According to reports, the actor has been teaching his young twin boys new vocabulary words. Find out what they are in today’s Tabloid Trash with Jim and Kim!


Sheen's Ex-Wifey Scores a Sweet Divorce Settlement

As we reported yesterday, Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller have officially called it quits! The duo’s divorce has been finalized after a six month waiting period. Find out what Sheen’s ex-wifey got in the settlement, […]


Charlie Sheen's Divorce is Official!

Ladies, start lining up for your piece of the crazy! As of today Charlie Sheen‘s divorce from Brooke Mueller has been made official. Read on for the details!


Tabloid Trash: What Will Happen to Charlie Sheen's Twins?!

Rumors regarding the fate of Charlie Sheen‘s twins, Bob and Max, are swirling all over Hollywood! Get the latest on the continuing Charlie Sheen saga in today’s edition of Tabloid Trash with Jim and Kim!


Betty White vs. Lindsay Lohan: Best Celebrity Feud Ever!

Someone get the popcorn, because this is gonna be a good one! Read on to get the juicy details behind the latest celeb feud!