Cell Phone

Cash Money

How Much Do You Offer Someone Who Has Found One Of Your Lost Possessions?

After John the Cell-Phone Savior called the show yesterday, the big question in the room was how much to offer as a reward! I never had someone find something before but on TV, they always […]


Lost Phone

Producer Craig’s Cell Phone Panic Attack

I can tell you firsthand: losing your cell phone, especially in this day and age, is one of the worst feelings in the world… and you only have yourself to blame. That’s exactly what happened […]


12  01-23  violinist interrupted by cel phone

Violinist Interrupted By a Cell Phone – Watch What Happens Next!

It is the most infuriating addition to any performance for an artist… and the audience. The dreaded cell phone ring! THIS, my friends, is how a professional handles a ridiculous… and RUDE distraction!



Do You Remember Your Old Phone Number from Growing Up?!

Remember when we were kids and we would spend an entire afternoon making prank calls? We would just dial random numbers and ask people if their refrigerator was running and think it was the funniest […]


Malicious Gossip: Justin Bieber’s Mom Takes Control!

Justin Bieber’s mom grabs his cell phone!  Find out the info here!!


WiFi in the Subway!

The MTA may claim poverty every minute or so, but that’s not keeping them from getting high tech. If your technology addiction leaves you sweating and dizzy on that disconnected ride to work each morning, […]


Does Lady Gaga have Telephobia?

“Hello, hello Gaga. I called. You can’t hear a thing. You have got no cell phone ‘cuz you’re scared you see, see!”