(Photo by Shannon Carlin)

Use Your Leftover Halloween Candy Bars For Cookies!

Here’s a recipe that will help you get rid of some of that extra Halloween candy.


Halloween Candy

What’s Your Favorite Halloween Candy?

Everyone has their favorite sweets during the Halloween season. Do you love candy corn? Maybe you have a healthy addiction to those peanut buttery pieces. Pick YOUR favorite Halloween candy here!


"Mmmmm... Candy Corn!"

Keep The Riff Raff Away: Give Kids CANDY For Halloween!

You know when you went trick or treating with your friends on Halloween, there were always those homes that gave away the single lollipops, or the small bag of pennies, or the ball of popcorn […]


Recessionista Recipes: 10 Delicious Ways To Get Rid Of Those Peeps

It’s the day after a long, sugar-filled holiday weekend. And guess what? You still have all that candy around your house. Keeping chocolate or other candy is easy. There is never a time when you […]


Katy Perry Reveals “Teenage Dream” Artwork

[lastfm]Katy Perry[/lastfm] has finally revealed the much anticipated album cover art for her soon to be released album, “Teenage Dream“.  Katy showed the world and all of her fans the album cover during a live […]