Boy George

(Courtesy Kobalt Music)

Interview: Boy George the Provocateur, the Activist, the Bieber-Sympathizer

“My sexuality takes up about two hours a month at a push. I think the same could be said for a lot of straight people. If you were to actually narrow it down to how much of your life is really about your sexuality, you’d be amazed.”


Malicious Gossip: Boy George Goes Nuts At A Benefit

Boy George goes off on a member of the audience at a benefit this week!  Find out the juicy details here!


Gavin Rossdale Admits Gay Fling

Someone’s feeling very honest lately, and that someone is Gavin Rossdale. Way back in 1995, Boy George, outed an affair between Gavin and cross-dressing pop star Peter Robinson, AKA Marilyn, in his autobiography. At the time […]



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