Boneheads In The News: Free Bar Exam

Our Bonehead this morning isn’t who you think it is!  For once it’s not the person who was arrested!  Listen here!


Boneheads in the News: 8 Year Old Knockout

A poor 8 year old gets knocked down by a drunk fan!  The nerve!  Listen to the whole story here!


Boneheads in the News: A Drunk Pilot

Today’s Bonehead in the News is a pilot whose Blood-Alcohol level was 5 times the legal limit!  Listen here!


Boneheads in the News: A Juror’s Flirtation!

A juror’s flirtation might “throw” a very important case in CT!  Listen here!


Boneheads in the News: A Tieing Situation

An uncle takes his 4 nephews to Dorney Park and ends up losing 2 of them.  Find out what he does to the other 2 that makes him a bonehead!


Boneheads in the News: Tattoo Terror

A man has his friend tattoo a Yin/Yang symbol on him and finds out that he gets something completely different!


Boneheads in the News: Cradle of Love

A woman from the UK has found a replacement (or two) for her husband!  Listen here!


Boneheads in the News: Trouser Steak

Today’s Bonehead had a few steaks down his pants…along with some batteries!  Listen here!


Boneheads In The News: Don’t Come Between Women And A Stripper

Never come between women and a stripper, because chaos will ensue!


Boneheads in the News: August 23rd

Today’s Bonehead in the News is Rod Blagojevich.  He’s signing autographs at Comic Con!