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"Mmmm what's this? 2011 Vintage? Box or bottle?"

Needy Jim Needs Some Advice on What to Bring the Boss for a Housewarming Gift

I know, I know… I’ve been a bit needy lately when it comes to my trip with the boss. But now I’m frantic that I might make a mistake when we go away on vacation […]


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How Much Do You Really Know About Your Boss?

That is the dilemma my partner, Jim Douglas, is facing… He’s about to embark on a vacation with our enigmatic boss. No one really knows this powerful figure. He is a mystery to us all, […]


"SHOTGUN Top Bunk!"

I’m Starting to Panic About My Vacation with the Boss!!

I’m one day away from vacationing with the boss. One day closer to having absolutely nothing to speak to him about. It seemed like such a good idea when we planned this in December. But […]



Jim & Kim’s Meet on the Street: Vacationing with the Boss… and Have No Idea How to Behave!

I’m an avid golfer. OK, maybe it’s a slight obsession. I carry my golf clubs (henceforth referred to as “sticks”) in my car because you just never know when a scramble might break out and […]


"Here's your check, big spender!"

What is the Biggest Bill You Have Ever Seen Run Up in a Restaurant?

When it comes to fancy restaurants, I’m in big trouble. I am the world’s pickiest eater, so the fancier the place and the more saucy the sauce… or if there are sticks coming out of […]


Not our actual boss...

To Gift Or Not To Gift: The Boss Man

Talk about a slippery slope! To gift or not to gift… when it comes to the boss. Our boss generously took us out for a yummy steak lunch yesterday… at Homestead in the Meatpacking District! […]


"How much?!?"

How Much Do You Tip the Maid at Christmas?

Like I know! I had to call our boss to find out! All this week on the morning show we are pulling back the tipping veil… Instead of spouting all those facts and figures from […]