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"Pizza and Corn it is!"

Back To School: Confessions of a School Lunch Lady

Do you remember your school lunch lady? Well, not specifically the actual lunch lady, but just the persona? There is something cozy about the school lunch lady. When you’re a kid, she’s just another adult […]



Jim & Kim: Kim’s Nephew Brendan Goes Back To School

My nephew Brendan just started his first day of kindergarten! We decided it would be a good idea to get his take on what going back to school means to him. Check out the interview […]


"Prodigy? That British techno band used to offer internet service?"

Back-2-School: The Web is Older Than Incoming College Freshmen!

Ready to feel old? Beloit College has released it’s annual list of the “world view” of freshmen moving into colleges across the United States over the next few weeks. Officials at Beloit say they publish […]


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Back 2 School: What Vaccinations Are Necessary?

Whether you’re a student or a teacher heading back for the new school year, the classroom can often be filled with germs and the potential for those germs being spread is great.  So before you […]



Back 2 School: Is Your Child Being Bullied?

For a large number of children, the start of a new school year brings the fear of being bullied.  Bullying can take on a number of forms, but the most prevalent is in-school bullying.  But […]



Back To School: Better Get That Kid Potty Trained!

My niece is having problems potty training her three-year-old son… Even though she has three older boys, her youngest son just REFUSES to learn how to use the potty. They’ve tried bribing him, having his […]



Back 2 School: Traveling Safely To and From School

As we start thinking about sending our kids back to school, it’s important that we keep them safe as we get them there. Whether they ride a bus or walk to school, The American Academy […]


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Back 2 School: Practicing Safety With Backpacks

Backpacks are a school necessity for most school children. The American Academy of Pediatrics gives us ways to insure that you and your child utilize the backpack in the safest kid friendly manner.


Sorority Girls Have ALL the Fun...

Sorority Girls… Where Are You? And What Did I Miss?!

It’s back to school time! Just the other day I was in Bed, Bath and Beyond in Chelsea and every college kid in the world was there picking up cubes, pillows and shower baskets. It […]


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Back 2 School: Making The First Day Easier

Whether it’s your child’s very first time back in the school setting, or if it’s just the first time after several months away, that first day can be a stressful time. The American Academy of […]