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Jim & Kim’s Fifth Grade Pop Quiz!

This morning we graduated to 5th grade and Jim’s niece, Traci, who teaches at Burner Middle School in Massapequa, was the quizmaster. Let’s see how well you do on today’s test…



How Much Do You Remember from the 4th Grade?

The original answer in our studio this morning was “Plenty!” Then we had a teacher call in to give us a 4th grade quiz and that answer (at least for me) was more of a […]


School Kids

Finish This Sentence: When I Was in School, I Was Always the Kid Who…

It turns out that my wife was known as “the girl that always threw up” in school. We found out when we attended her high school reunion that’s how everyone remembered her. So it got us to thinking this morning…


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Listen To Our Back To School Playlist

As much as we hate to admit it the summer is rapidly coming to a close. Whether your kids are heading back to school or cross country for college here’s a list of ten tracks that will help you through that summer denial. And maybe feel like a kid again yourself.


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Back To School: Five Degrees That Are In Demand

Whether you are just getting started in college or thinking of going back, everyone is concerned about what degree is best for them. One way to decide on your degree is to first decide on […]


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Get Real Fashion: Five Cozy Back To School Looks For Fall

Fall is here which means it’s time to get to class and attempt to crack open a book when all you want to do is tromp around, crushing autumn leaves. Well, it’s time to Get […]


"Get 'em OFF me!"- Kim

Back To School: Germophobes UNITE! Where Are the Germiest Places In School?

I am a total germophobe!! No, wait.. I take a “defensive hygenic posture!” Yeah, that’s it! Seriously, I don’t touch the poles on the subway and I use my knuckle to put my PIN number […]


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My Kindergarten Picture Isn’t That Bad… Is it?!

Our boss asked us to get our kindergarten pictures together so that we could put them all up on the Fresh website. My mommy sent me this picture that she absolutely loves. And ever since […]


The cast of Glee did not make our list...sorry. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Best Songs About School For Back To School Week!

The algebra might be a little out of our heads, we never needed to learn it, why our teachers told us that we’ll never know.  But what the headline is trying to tell us is […]



WAKE UP! Time For School, Junior!

School is back and that means you get to wake the kids up every weekday morning and send them off to their new classrooms. How does your little one wake up?