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5 Rock Bands That Hit The TV Commercial Jackpot In 2012

Combining popular music with TV commercials is nothing new. Even the venerable Rolling Stones once famously penned an original tune for a Rice Krispies ad back in 1963.


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Let’s See How iPhone Fans Have Been Weathering the Elements!

It’s been 8 days in the elements for the first people on line to get the iPhone 5… Time to see how they are doing!!


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Top 10 iPod Commercials In Honor Of Steve Jobs’ Contribution To Music

Whether you are tech-savvy or not, it’s hard not to mourn the untimely death from pancreatic cancer of Apple co-founder and former CEO, Steve Jobs. An icon to many people across the world, Jobs was […]


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Apple Founder Steve Jobs Has Died

[pullquote quote="Most people make the mistake of thinking design is what it looks like." credit="Steve Jobs"]Steve Jobs, co-founder, chairman, and former chief executive officer of Apple Inc. passed today, he was 56 years old. In […]


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Kim’s College of Hollywood Knowledge: Steve Jobs, Sean Connery and Salma Hayek!

She is our dean of pop culture for Kim’s College of Hollywood Knowledge. Kim continues to reign supreme! Her record is 57-0… UNDEFEATED!


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The Evolution Of Steve Jobs & Apple Products

The world was stunned by the unexpected news that Apple CEO Steve Jobs was stepping down from his title because he “could no longer meet my duties and expectations.” Since co-founding the revolutionary company with […]


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Molly’s Comedy Mix at Half-Past Six: 7-11, the iPad and Sarah Palin!

On today’s Molly’s Comedy Mix, we’ve got Jim’s little niece Molly talking about 7-11, the iPad and Sarah Palin!! Check her out after the jump!


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5 Terrible Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Dad’s are really hard to buy for. “He never drops any hints!” “Whenever we ask he says it doesn’t matter!” Well, this is true. Ladies and children allow me to level with you: the reason […]


What's Fresh Around Town for Thursday: Zach Braff Promotes New Flick!

One of my favorite actors, Zach Braff, is going to be at the Apple store in SOHO today! The event is taking place in regards to the Tribeca Film Festival, where his movie The High […]


Jim & Kim Morning Show Wrap-Up: 1/11/11

Check out the highlights from today’s Jim and Kim Morning Show! Malicious Gossip: Boneheads in the News Fresh Fact or Fiction: Apple Edition Tabloid Trash Listen  here!