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Kim's First Skydive!

I’m Not Afraid of Flying… I’m Afraid of Crashing!

There are two things I want to do in my life: buy a motorcycle and fly a plane. My wife won’t let me do either. I have been trying to wear her down for years, but if it can easily kill me because of my own clumsiness… she is adamantly against it.


Molly's Comedy Mix

Kids Comedy Mix at Half-Past Six: Twitter, Air Travel and Sarah Palin!

On today’s Kids Comedy Mix, we’ve got Jim’s little niece Molly talking about Twitter, Air Travel and Sarah Palin! Check her out after the jump!


Air travel doesn’t have to be awful

This looks all too familiar, doesn’t it? One company has actually been trying to make air travel more pleasant. Shocking, isn’t it? Click through for more.