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If You Want Your Spouse To Stop Doing ‘That Thing’ That Annoys You… Do This!

Karen and Jeffrey revealed a hack you need to use to get your spouse to stop doing that one thing that really drives you crazy!


What Exactly Makes A Man ‘Manly’?

Karen and Jeffrey talked about a new study where men had to talk about their masculine habits. So what do women think about men who use the bathroom sitting down?


Want To Save Your Marriage? Here Are 20 Questions You Need To Ask Your Spouse NOW

This morning, Karen and Jeffrey revealed the 20 questions you need to ask your spouse in order to save your marriage. As work spouses, Karen and Jeffrey asked each other the 20 questions to see if their relationship is in a good place!


Woman Gives Birth on Brooklyn Subway Platform

Yesterday, NYPD cops helped a woman give birth on the subway platform at the Hoyt-Schermerhorn station in Brooklyn!


Jeffrey’s Mom Friends Lose Their Minds When They’re Kid Free — Do You Do The Same?

One of Jeffrey’s mom friends recently visited him and she had a wild night that ended with her taking her top off in public and relieving herself in a discarded tire!


Questionable Beauty Hack: Is This Genius Or Gross?

This morning on Karen and Jeffrey, Shannon Holly – who was in for Karen — revealed that she STEALS something on a weekly basis, toilet seat covers! Shannon actually uses paper toilet seat covers to blot her face when it gets oily!


Fresh Fall Fest 2017 ft. Kelly Clarkson, Julia Michaels + James Arthur at the Theater at MSG

FRESH FALL FEST — Thursday, September 14, 2017 at NYC’s Theater at Madison Square Garden — featuring Kelly Clarkson, Julia Michaels + James Arthur performing LIVE! Tickets On Sale SOON!


Jeffrey’s Worst Nightmare Has Come True: There’s a Squirrel Attacking People In Brooklyn

There’s a squirrel on the loose in Brooklyn that has been attacking people! The squirrel has bitten five people including a little girl in Prospect Park in the last week.


What Shade Did Mariah Throw at Nicki Minaj, J.Lo & Madonna?

What do Nicki Minaj, J.Lo, and Madonna have in common? They’ve all been a victim of Mariah shade.


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