Karen & Jeffrey

#TabooTuesday: Have You Ever Stolen Something?

After hearing a story about a group of friends who skipped out on a bill at a bar in Milwaukee, Jeffrey decided to ask “Have you ever stolen something?”


Have You Ever Had An Awkward Celebrity Encounter? Jeffrey Did This Weekend!

Jeffrey went to the GLAAD Awards this weekend and had an awkward celebrity run-in in the bathroom!


Jeffrey Finally Had His First Therapy Session … But Of Course Some Kind Of Drama Went Down!!

Jeffrey finally had his first therapy session and it went really well, but since this is Jeffrey we’re talking about, of course some kind of drama had to go down!


Want To Make $140k Per Year As a Waitress in NYC? Apply HERE!

If you want to make $140,000 a year as a waiter in NYC, you should apply to work at one of these restaurants. ~Karen & Jeffrey


Hailee Steinfeld’s School of Fierce Posing

It’s been a big week for Hailee: Her new single “Most Girls” has just been released, plus this past Monday she was present at the always epic Met Gala in NYC, showing off some FIERCE poses on the red carpet.


There’s a Place In Brooklyn Where People Are Spilling Their Deepest Secrets . . . Find Out Where!

There’s a place in Brooklyn where people are spilling their deepest, darkest secrets.


YASSSS! Jeffrey Finally Found a Therapist!

As we all know, Jeffrey has been shopping around for a therapist and this morning, he told Karen that he finally found one!


Have You Ever Crashed An Event? Karen Did This Weekend!

This morning, Karen revealed to Jeffrey that she had a super awkward moment when she and a friend accidentally crashed a bat mitzvah in New Jersey this weekend.


2 Truths and a Lie Concert Edition: Karen & Jeffrey Get In on the ’10 Bands’ Facebook Trend

Did Karen see Kool & the Gang at Six Flags Great Adventure? Did Jeffrey see Snoop Dogg live in concert? Listen to find out!


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