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What’s The Most Embarrassing Song In Your Phone?

After Monday’s show, Karen and Jeffrey were in their office and Karen was playing music when Olivia Newton John’s “Magic” just happened to come on. Of course, Jeffrey teased her about the song…


Have You Ever Been Scammed? (DON’T SAY YES!)

This morning, Jeffrey discussed a new scam going around that consists of someone calling from an unfamiliar number, but often with a familiar area code and asking “Can you hear me?”


Two Truths and A Lie: Did Karen Actually Get Lost In a Cornfield On Her Way To A Party?

This morning, Karen and Jeffrey played Two Truths And A Lie: TBT Edition and it was all about their teenage years.


Karen vs Intern Anthony: Is Anthony WAY Too Young to Be ‘Whipped’?

Should Intern Anthony slow down with his GF Stephanie? Or should he follow his heart?


You’ll Never Believe Which Movie Franchise Karen and Jeffrey Have Never Seen!

Karen and Jeffrey’s boss was so shocked that they hadn’t seen Star Wars that he fired everyone in the room!


Have You Ever Screwed Up At Work?

Tom Hanks and Amy Adams were both listed as 2017 Oscar nominees for Best Actress and Best Actor but it turns out neither of them were actually nominated!


Karen and Jeffrey Reveal the One Simple Trick To Make You Irresistible To Men

This morning, Karen and Jeffrey revealed the one simple trick you can do to become irresistible to men… and it has nothing to do with looks and everything to do with… Kylie Jenner?!


Jeffrey’s Mom Skips Touristy NYC Spots for Something Much More Exciting…

When Jeffrey’s mom comes here from Texas to visit her son, she skips the visits to Central Park and Times Square to do something much more exciting…


Weird Celebrity Foods With Karen and Jeffrey

If you’ve ever met someone famous and they happened to smell like hot dogs and Red Bull – it wasn’t your imagination!


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