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Sam Smith: Camila Cabello Leaving Fifth Harmony ‘Absolutely Broke My Heart’

Fifth Harmony fans will be happy to know that Sam considers himself an official #Harmonizer and even revealed his favorite 5H member…


What’s Your Tic: Biting Nails, Cracking Knuckles? Let Us Know!

This morning, Karen & Jeffrey revealed that doctors are seeing an increase in nervous tics — like cracking your knuckles, biting your nails and pulling your hair, etc.


Do You Love Or Hate Going To The Dentist?

Actress Jennifer Garner recently posted a video of herself after leaving the dentist, high off of laughing gas and novocaine.


Would You Wear a Designer Bra Bag?

Ladies, we’ve all done it before… stuffed money, keys and credit cards down our bras. There’s now a bra to make our lives easier.


Here’s Why Kelly Clarkson Chooses Not To Wear Makeup

“I love that I say ‘no makeup Monday’ — that’s a joke — I never wear makeup,” Kelly explains.


What’s The Laziest Thing You’ve Ever Done?

Kate Hudson recently said something in an interview that had women up in arms! When asked what’s the laziest thing she’s ever done, Kate told Cosmo, “Have a C-Section!”


#WTF?: Jim Carrey Gives a Crazy Interview at New York Fashion Week

Watch Jim’s wacky interview and hear Karen’s theory on why he’s acting so crazy!


If You Had The Chance, Would You Redo How You Lost Your Virginity?

In the October issue of Elle Magazine, Rihanna was asked several questions by different celebrities, including magician David Copperfield.


What Moment Does Everyone Hate on Their First Day of School or Work? Awkward Icebreakers!

This morning, Karen and Jeffrey did their own awkward icebreakers!


Does Taylor Swift’s Inappropriate Wedding Speech Top Karen Carson’s?

Taylor Swift’s borderline inappropriate speech at her best friend Abigail Anderson’s wedding this past weekend…which made Karen remember her own inappropriate moment.


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