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This contest is over.


2 Truths and a Lie Concert Edition: Karen & Jeffrey Get In on the ’10 Bands’ Facebook Trend

Did Karen see Kool & the Gang at Six Flags Great Adventure? Did Jeffrey see Snoop Dogg live in concert? Listen to find out!


Karen & Jeffrey Feel Bad For United… So Here Are Things That Are Actually Worse Than United

At this point, what are some things that you think have a worse reputation than United Airlines?


#DumbB*tchBaseball: Jeffrey Learns About The Yankees & Red Sox Rivalry

Of course, Jeffrey had to find a way to get Madonna into the convo!


Who Would Be The Best Phone Sex Operator? Karen Or Jeffrey?

Jeffrey decided to put Karen, Intern Anthony and Producer T to the test to see who has the best phone sex operator voice!


#JesusFixIt: When Was The Last Time You Had a Good, Ugly Cry?

This morning on Karen & Jeffrey, Jeffrey revealed that he had a #TrainwreckTuesday moment the day before where he cried and drank wine for hours!


#TabooTuesday: Do You Have Questions You’ve Always Wanted To Ask People, But Didn’t Have The Nerve To Ask?

Today, Karen and Jeffrey minded everyone’s business and asked ‘What Do You Do’ and ‘How Much Do You Make?’


Really?!: Intern Anthony Says No Man Wants Their First Born To Be a Girl

Would you actually be disappointed if your firstborn child was a girl? Intern Anthony wants his firstborn to be a boy and says that there is no man alive that would want their first born to be a girl! Jeffrey, on the other hand, says he would be horrified if he had a little boy.


The State Of NY May Owe You Some Money! Find Out How You Can Get It & Which Celebs Are Owed Money

The state of New York may owe you some money and this morning, Karen and Jeffrey revealed how you can get it!


Have You Ever Received An Inappropriate Text Message at the Absolute Worst Time Ever?

This morning, Jeffrey revealed that he was on a text thread on 4/20 called “4/20 Friends” and one of his friends on the thread is a professor who just happened to have his computer that receives all of his texts connected to a projector during a class lecture and all of his students saw the texts!


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