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Carson and Cane’s Couple’s Court: ‘Your Girlfriend Is Stealing My Stuff!’

In today’s Couple’s Court replay, Abby calls in because she is convinced that her brother, Mike’s new girlfriend is stealing her stuff.


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Carson and Cane’s Couple’s Court: ‘Meet the Parents?’

In today’s Couple’s Court replay, Nick calls in because he’s planning to go home this weekend with his new girlfriend, Bella to meet her parents. Except there’s one major issue, her parents don’t even know Nick exists.


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Will Taylor Swift Release Her Next Album on October 23?

One tried and true Swiftie used Taylor’s favorite number and an interesting mathematical equation to arrive at the October 23 release date.


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Carson and Cane’s Couple’s Court: ‘Big-Headed Hottie’

Do you know someone who’s lost a lot of weight and developed an ego? We deal with this problem in today’s ‘Couple’s Court’.


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Carson and Cane’s Couple’s Court: ‘Can Leggings Break Up a Relationship?’

According to our plaintiff, Tommy, less leggings means, less problems for his relationship with his girlfriend, Sarah.


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‘Today Show’ Personality Billy Bush Suspended by NBC

I’m glad there’s not a video of what we were saying when we were in our twenties.


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Carson and Cane: ‘Pissy Pat’ vs. City Bikes

You may think you’re having a bad day, just wait until you hear Pat go OFF!


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No More Babies for Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson has been very open about her difficult pregnancies and in a recent interview, she expressed her lack of desire to ever go through the process again.


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Carson and Cane: ‘Pissy Pat’ Takes On NYC Street Sweepers

If you thought street sweepers made YOU mad — wait until you hear what Intern Anthony’s neighborhood pal “Pissy Pat” has to say about them!


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Carson and Cane’s Couple’s Court: ‘Roommate Problems’

Brianna recently moved into her new apartment. She gets along with her roommate, Katherine except, for one thing, her roommate’s ex-boyfriend, Steven has been staying with them for free.


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