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The One Song Ed Sheeran Wishes He Kept For Himself

Ed Sheeran really wishes he kept a song co-written with Tori Kelly for himself.


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Understanding the “Baby Shelf” with Karen and Jeffrey

This morning on Karen and Jeffrey, the topic of the “baby shelf” in public restrooms was brought to Karen’s attention.


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Weird Celebrity Auctions

Have $25,000 lying around and looking to spend it on a kidney stone? Look no further than the Internet!


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Jeffrey Has Never Been To Costco… But He’s DYING To Go!

What was Jeffrey’s reaction to the real side of Costco? Will he be getting a membership there any time soon?


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How Do You Handle Running Into Co-Workers in the Bathroom?

Do your business. Leave. The two and only rules besides washing your hands that apply to how men use a public bathroom. Did Jeffrey break the man-code of proper etiquette?


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Karen and Jeffrey’s ‘Free In NYC’: An Exploration of the Weirdest Parts of Craigslist

Do not be surprised if you find yourself walking into a grand piano on the street – because two of them are being given away for FREE in NYC!


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Phone Creeping Your Significant Other

Jeffrey talks about the time he had the chance to spy on his husband, and we find out just how trustworthy New Yorkers are when it comes to their relationships.


Karen and Jeffrey

The Golden Globes in 90 Seconds with Karen and Jeffrey

How did it all go down? Jeffrey has you covered, so listen below.


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Pharrell Talks To Ellen About the Guest She DISINVITED From Her Show

Pharrell Williams collaborated on a new song with gospel singer, Kim Burrell, but after a video of Kim delivering an anti-LGBT sermon went viral, Ellen disinvited from appearing on the show.


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Two Truths and a Lie: Did Karen Have a Live Grenade in Her Backyard?!

Has Jeffrey spent the night in The United Nations? Did Karen have live a grenade in her yard? Find out in today’s 2 TRUTHS and a LIE!


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