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Have You Ever Seen An Unlikely Animal In NYC?

Karen and Jeffrey discuss the bull that they nicknamed “Ralph the Bull” that got loose in Jamaica, Queens on Tuesday.


Karen and Jeffrey: What’s the Most Embarrassing Movie You’ve Ever Seen?

This morning, Jeffrey revealed that this past weekend, he watched Lifetime’s Britney Ever After — the unauthorized biopic of Britney Spears and it was so bad, it was good!


Have You Ever Seen Drama Go Down at a Wedding?

This morning, Karen and Jeffrey discussed a story about a couple who called off their $350,000 wedding after their family brawled at the rehearsal dinner.


Which Would You Choose: $1 Million a Year OR True Love For the Rest of Your Life?

If you could choose receiving $1 million dollars a year or true love for the rest of your life, what would you choose?


Karen’s Fashion Week Meltdown!

Karen and Jeffrey had some strange encounters over the last week and Karen had to do some pretty unbelievable things to escape a parking lot! What was keeping her inside?


Karen and Jeffrey Discuss the ’36 Questions That Lead To Love’ – Part 3

This morning, Karen and Jeffrey revealed their most embarrassing moments, the last time they cried, and what they like about each other.


Karen and Jeffrey Discuss the ’36 Questions That Lead To Love’ – Part 2

Karen and Jeffrey sat down this morning to find out once again just how compatible they are to each other. Did their questions clash? Or do Karen and Jeffrey have a lot more in common than we think?


Karen and Jeffrey Discuss the ’36 Questions That Lead To Love’ – Part 1

Jeffrey revealed that the first question was: “Given the choice of anyone in the world, whom would you want as a dinner guest?” Karen chose Jesus and Jeffrey chose Madonna.


Body-Shamers Beware! Karen and Jeffrey Defend Lady Gaga

People are still talking about Lady Gaga’s epic Super Bowl 51 half time performance — but unfortunately, some have taken to social media to criticize the singer’s “belly.”


Karen and Jeffrey Play ‘The Hating Game’

This morning, Karen and Jeffrey decided to play “the hating game” to see if they if they’d match on Hater. On words they hate, Karen is totally over “on fleek” while Jeffrey can’t stand the word “sausage.”


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