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Have You Ever Had To Call 911 On The Subway?

This morning on Karen and Jeffrey, Karen revealed that last week she actually had to dial 911 while riding the 1 train after one of the passengers fell unconscious.


Have You Ever Been TRAPPED Like the ATM Guy in Texas?

Find out whether it was Karen or Jeffrey who once got their head stuck in an M&M’s statue at a supermarket!!


#MajorFail: Jeffrey Did Something Super Embarrassing at Men’s Fashion Week

Jeffrey attended a show at New York Fashion Week: Men’s yesterday and of course it wouldn’t be Jeffrey if there wasn’t an embarrassing moment!


The MTA Has a New Plan for Improving Train Service… Is This a Win or a Fail?

Hear about the new plan and find out what Jeffrey thinks the MTA should do to stop ruining everyone’s lives!


There’s a Product That Jeffrey Doesn’t Trust… Are You With Him On This?

This morning on Karen & Jeffrey, Jeffrey revealed that he is not a fan of natural products because they don’t seem to work on him at all.


#TrainPain: The Summer Of Hell Begins In NYC, But Karen & Jeffrey Have Some Good News!

The summer of hell officially began today in NYC, with major delays and service changes on the LIRR, NJ Transit and Amtrak, but Karen and Jeffrey had some good news for commuters… and it involves alcohol!!


#TrendAlert: Grooms Are Now Wearing Makeup on Their Wedding Day

This morning, Karen and The Voice & Biggest Loser star Erin Willet, who was in for Jeffrey, talked about the newest wedding trend: Grooms are now wearing makeup and getting beauty treatments for the big day.


#WTF?!: What’s The Craziest Thing You’ve Overheard In Public?

This morning, Karen and Jim revealed the craziest things they’ve overheard in public — and Jim’s story includes a VERY open couple!


#HotMessMomMoment: Karen Shares Her Messy Moment From The Holiday Weekend!

Karen and her family went to Rhode Island for the weekend and her kids had an embarrassing moment after she had a couple of margarita’s and Salt N Pepa’s “Push It” came on!


Charlie Puth Learned To Harmonize & Beatbox in the Back of His Parents’ Car

Charlie Puth demonstrates how his music is made by using only his mouth as an instrument.


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