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NYC Native Austin Rogers Opens Up About His Winning Streak On Jeopardy

Karen & Jeffrey talk to Austin Tyler Rogers, the NYC native who has gone viral after winning eight games in a row on Jeopardy.


Do You Wish You Were Smarter Than You Are?

Jeffrey says that he wouldn’t because it is a burden and he is happy with the amount of stupid he is!


Jeffrey Is Grossed Out Because Of One Thing Karen Does In The Shower

Brushing your teeth in the shower: Disgusting or Perfectly Fine? Comment now!


Karen & Jeffrey Wanna Know: What Songs Creep You Out?

The song scared the hell out of Karen & Jeffrey and made them think of all of the songs that creep them out.


#MTAFail?: Digital Screens Are Being Added To The Subway

New digital screens on the subway. Is this OK or NO WAY?


Your Favorite Song Could Reveal If You Are A Psycho

A new study has found that your taste in music can actually reveal whether you’re a psychopath or not.


Why The Hell Are The Makers Of Velcro Mad?

Did you know that most of us use brand names as generic terms? For example, Velcro is actually a brand name; the actual product is called a hook and loop.


What’s The Meanest Thing Your Kid Has Ever Said To You?

Chrissy Teigen recently asked moms to tweet the meanest things their kids have ever said to them.


What’s Your Most Unpopular Opinion?

Karen + Jeffrey shared their most unpopular opinions today. The catch was that they could only respond with “agree” or “disagree.”


If You’ve Ever Taken Your Clothes Off While Drinking, You’re Not Alone

Karen’s drunk story includes her taking off her clothes and trying to climb out of the window. Listen now!


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