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Jeffrey’s Adoption Meeting Was This Weekend… What Happened?!

Find out what happened during the meeting that may have caused Jeffrey to have a change of heart.


#Awkward!: Has a Complete Stranger Ever Told You All Their Personal Business?

Have you ever met a complete stranger who immediately started telling you all the juicy details about their life?


Swing Batta Yasssss! Jeffrey Learns All About Baseball

Are you just as clueless about baseball as Jeffrey is?


Kendall Jenner

Were You Offended By Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi Ad?

Pepsi has since apologized and pulled the ad.


Is Jeffrey Really Ready To Be a Parent?

Is Jeffrey really ready to be a parent? This morning, Jeffrey revealed that he and his husband’s adoption meeting is this weekend — and he is freaking out! Karen tried to talk him off the ledge!


#HotMessMomMonday: Karen Shares Her Messy Moment From Over The Weekend

Today is #HotMessMomMonday on Karen & Jeffrey and this morning, Karen spilled the tea on her messy mom moment from over the weekend with her kids.


What Fictional Place From TV Do You Wish Existed In Real Life?

If you’re a fan of Breaking Bad, then you know all about ‘Los Pollos Hermanos,’ the famous restaurant/drug front from the show. The restaurant will be opening as a pop-up in NYC later this month.


Karen and Jeffrey Play ‘Prison Price Is Right!’

How much do you think a can of Coke would run you in the clink? Play ‘Prison Price Is Right’ with Karen And Jeffrey!


What’s The Grossest Food From Your State That People Love To Eat?

What’s the grossest, weirdest foods that you love? This morning, Karen and Jeffrey talked about the worst food that people love in every state.


#SoOldSchool: What’s An Old Word That You Think People Should Stop Using?

What’s an old word that you think people should stop using? This morning, Karen admitted that she still uses the word “stewardess” instead of flight attendant!


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