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Have You Ever Broken Something SUPER Expensive?

Jeffrey confessed that he recently broke something really expensive while he was at a bar in Manhattan as he was trying to make a phone call on the balcony. Can you guess what he broke?


#ParisFashionWeek Trend Alert: Boobs!!!

This morning, Karen and Jeffrey spilled all the tea about the celebs at Paris Fashion Week 2017.


Could You Date A Guy That’s A Cat Lover?

Could you date a man that is a cat lover? This morning, Karen, Jeffrey and Producer T talked about dating dealbreakers and Producer T admitted that she could NEVER date a man that’s a cat lover.


What’s The Biggest Secret You Kept About Your Wedding Day?

This morning, Karen and Jeffrey revealed their big wedding day confessions.


Rihanna May Be Headed To College!

During her acceptance speech for the the 2017 Humanitarian of the Year Award at Harvard University for her charitable efforts, she shared that she’d like to get a college degree!


The Touching Oscars Moment That Turned Into a ‘Touch Me’ Moment For Karen!

Although Mahershala Ali’s speech was touching, it actually gave Karen and Producer T a “touch me” moment when they heard how hot the Moonlight star’s voice was!


What’s The Craziest Diet You’ve Tried That Actually Worked?

This morning, Karen And Jeffrey discussed the new diet that claims to finally be the “one that works!”


Have You Ever Seen An Unlikely Animal In NYC?

Karen and Jeffrey discuss the bull that they nicknamed “Ralph the Bull” that got loose in Jamaica, Queens on Tuesday.


Karen and Jeffrey: What’s the Most Embarrassing Movie You’ve Ever Seen?

This morning, Jeffrey revealed that this past weekend, he watched Lifetime’s Britney Ever After — the unauthorized biopic of Britney Spears and it was so bad, it was good!


Have You Ever Seen Drama Go Down at a Wedding?

This morning, Karen and Jeffrey discussed a story about a couple who called off their $350,000 wedding after their family brawled at the rehearsal dinner.


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