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What’s The Meanest Thing Your Kid Has Ever Said To You?

Chrissy Teigen recently asked moms to tweet the meanest things their kids have ever said to them.

21 hours ago

What’s Your Most Unpopular Opinion?

Karen + Jeffrey shared their most unpopular opinions today. The catch was that they could only respond with “agree” or “disagree.”


If You’ve Ever Taken Your Clothes Off While Drinking, You’re Not Alone

Karen’s drunk story includes her taking off her clothes and trying to climb out of the window. Listen now!


Would You Pay $9 To Pee? There’s An App for That!

This morning, Karen & Jeffrey talked about a new app called Rockaloo, which reserves a public bathroom for you.


Have You Ever Had The Cops Called On You?

This morning, Karen told a story about her husband waking up in a hotel room with cops standing over him this past weekend!


What Bizarre Thing Do You Do In Shady Situations?

Jeffrey said he screams out song lyrics to himself when he’s in a sketchy neighborhood.


Martha Stewart is Not a Fan of Pumpkin Spice

Martha Stewart was on Watch What Happens Live recently and she spoke on the craze that is pumpkin spice.


Sam Smith: Camila Cabello Leaving Fifth Harmony ‘Absolutely Broke My Heart’

Fifth Harmony fans will be happy to know that Sam considers himself an official #Harmonizer and even revealed his favorite 5H member…


What’s Your Tic: Biting Nails, Cracking Knuckles? Let Us Know!

This morning, Karen & Jeffrey revealed that doctors are seeing an increase in nervous tics — like cracking your knuckles, biting your nails and pulling your hair, etc.


Do You Love Or Hate Going To The Dentist?

Actress Jennifer Garner recently posted a video of herself after leaving the dentist, high off of laughing gas and novocaine.


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