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#TeamTooMuch: You’ll Never Believe Mariah Carey’s Diva Demands On The Set Of Her New Film!

This morning, Karen and Jeffrey talked about Mariah Carey and her diva demands on the set of the upcoming movie The House, which stars Amy Poehler and Will Ferrell.

20 hours ago

#PopeShade: What Shady Thing Did Pope Francis Say To Melania and Donald?

Apparently, the Pope threw a little bit of shade at Trump. And what’s ‘potizza,’ anyway?


Can Emojis Really Save Your Relationship? Karen & Jeffrey Weigh In

This morning, Karen and Jeffrey talked about a life hack that may actually save your relationship if it’s in trouble … emojis? Really?!!!!


What’s Your Food Phobia? Karen & Jeffrey Reveal Theirs

Can you guess Karen and Jeffrey’s food phobias? Who do you think is scared of bread pudding?
And who do you think will run like hell if you serve them calamari?


Cash Me At Eight & Nine – Win $1000 2X Every Weekday

Listen for Fresh Artist of the Week to play in the 8am and 9am hours for your chance to win $1,000. Contest ends May 26.


How Well Do Karen and Jeffrey Know Each Other?

This morning, Karen and Jeffrey played ‘The Match Game’ to see how well they really know each other.


What Would You Name Your Drunk Alter Ego? Karen Reveals Hers!

This morning, Karen and Jeffrey talked about a new study that found that your drunk alter ego is actually who you really are. People just perceive themselves as different when they are drunk!


Miley Cyrus: ‘I Give My Pigs Spa Treatments’

Miley Cyrus is as happy as a pig in s*** at her home in Malibu, California. The pop singer — with a new single and aesthetic that matches her home life — keeps two pigs, two horses, and seven dogs on her property, meaning s*** happens, quite literally…


Derek Jeter Reveals His Secret To Making It In NYC

This morning, Karen and Jeffrey paid tribute to Derek Jeter after the Yankees retired his no. 2 jersey on Sunday night.


Karen and Jeffrey Play ‘Who’d You Rather? Bad Celeb Mom Edition’

With Mother’s Day approaching, Karen and Jeffrey decided to pay homage to all of the mamas…even the bad ones!


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