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Carson and Cane’s Couple’s Court: ‘It’s Me OR The Dog’

Jazmin calls into Couples Court because she recently moved in to live with her boyfriend, Tony and his dog is ruining her stuff.

20 hours ago

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Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom Pregnancy Rumors Are False Says Rep

First there are rumors that Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are engaged and now, all because of a belly rub, there’s buzz that Katy might be pregnant.


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Carson and Cane’s Couple’s Court: ‘My Mother-in-Law Is Stealing Our Wine’

Marie would have been fine if she asked but is a little confused why she just took them.


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Kanye West Leaves Hospital: Report

West had been at the UCLA Medical Center for more than a week.


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Justin Timberlake’s ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’ is TIME Magazine’s Worst Song of 2016

While Time Magazine isn’t a fan of Justin’s song, Carson and Cane couldn’t help but completely disagree. They love the song!


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Carson and Cane’s Couple’s Court: ‘My Dad Is Dating My Friends’

Kayla calls into Couples Court because her single father is now dating one of her friends from high school. Not only is Kayla uncomfortable, she’s grossed out.


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Carson and Cane’s Couple’s Court: ‘My Husband Made Our Bathroom “Sexy”‘

Rachel calls into to Couple’s Court today because her husband, Frank, recently redid their restroom — except it’s not exactly the type of remodeling Rachel expected.


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Kanye West Won’t Yet Be Released From The Hospital

The original plan was to release ‘Ye on Monday, however, we’re told his personal doctor was going to take charge of his release.


(Christophe Archambault/AFP/Getty Images)

Justin Bieber Punches Barcelona Fan Who Reached into Car

With fans like these, who needs enemies?


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