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Win Tickets To See Taylor Swift from the Best Seats In The House

Keep your radios locked on Fresh 102.7 all week as we give away a tickets to see Taylor Swift’s 1989 Tour from the 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd and FIRST rows!


Ed Sheeran stops by CBS Radio studios for a series of interviews with Fresh 102.7, 92.3 AMP Radio, and 101.1 CBS-FM in New York City on May 28, 2015 (Photo: E.J. Judge / CBS Local)

Ed Sheeran On The Perks of Being Weird and Strange as a Child

“I was a weird kid,” Sheeran tells Fresh 102.7’s Karen Carson. “I was really strange. I didn’t have many friends in primary school.”



Nate Ruess Hears His Song ‘Nothing Without Love’ On The Radio For The First Time at Fresh 102.7

Nate Ruess hears his song ‘Nothing Without Love’ on the radio for the first time with Karen Carson in the Fresh 102.7 studio.


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Baltimore’s ‘Mother of the Year’ Slaps Sense Into Riot-Ready Son

Someone HAS to get this woman a medal or a trophy or something…


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‘Friends’ Gets Satirical 2015 “Reboot” from Nerdist

With the recent addition of every single episode of the hit ’90s TV show Friends hitting Netflix, and in turn your thankful eyeballs, it’s only natural to ponder what this show would have been like […]


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NY/NJ Tax Day Freebies: Today Can Be A Good Day, Maybe

Taxes are the WORST, but since there’s no way around them, you might as well treat yourself to what’s free out there today!


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Reports: Justin Bieber Placed In Chokehold, Kicked Out Of Coachella

Bombarded by fans? There are no fans of Justin Bieber at Coachella. Little Mix weren’t on the bill. AC/DC was. Relax. ~Karen Carson


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Calvin Harris & Taylor Swift Caught Hand In Hand At Haim Show

As the U.K.’s Daily Mail put it perfectly, “IT’S ON!”



And the Next Host of The View May Be… Monica Lewinsky?

If Barbara Walters talks the execs into giving her a try, it’ll be a ratings explosion. After that? Only time will tell. Would you watch?


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‘We Are All Uncool': Karen Carson & Jill Nicolini Take Part In A Campaign For Kindness and Authenticity

Fresh 102.7’s Karen Carson will appear on CBS 2’s 5PM broadcast with Jill Nicolini to help promote the “We Are All Uncool” campaign that has been gaining serious attention by musicians and others on social media.