Karen Carson

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Interview: Karen Carson Goes Backstage With U2 On the iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Tour

U2 is doing their sold-out eight night run at Madison Square Garden and when I got offered the chance to interview Bono and Larry Mullen Jr… I actually hesitated for a minute. That would be a […]


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Want To Trash Someone? Try The ‘Donald Trump Insult Generator’

Donald Trump is getting to be as famous for slinging insults as he is for being a real-estate mogul.



A Great Big World’s Chad King’s Coming Out Inspired Important ‘Hold Each Other’ Rewrite

Chad King’s sexual orientation is not a topic he’s discussed publicly before, but the recording of “Hold Each Other” led A Great Big World’s singer/songwriter to speak up.


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Who Runs The World? Larsen Thompson and Taylor Hatala, That’s Who!

If you were on the fence regarding this issue since 2011, 14-year-old Larsen Thompson and 11-year-old Taylor Hatala have just proven that girls do indeed run the world (I have twin 10-year-olds. I ALREADY knew […]


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Demi Lovato Shares Sexy “Cool For the Summer” Video Tease

The singer just posted a sexy tease from the songs upcoming video.


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Mick Fanning, Luckiest Surfer Alive, Dodges Shark Attack On Live TV

Luckiest. Surfer. Alive! There’s not a scratch on him after being attacked by a shark on live TV!


onstage during The 2015 ESPYS at Microsoft Theater on July 15, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

Bruce Jenner Becomes Caitlin Jenner: What I Told MY Kids

We’ll just take it one conversation at a time. And in the process, we can all learn.


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I Almost Had To Give Up My First-Born To Meet Taylor Swift, But It Happened

I fan girled harder than my twin 10-year-olds when it happened, but I FINALLY was able to get my daughters to meet their idol — and I almost had to donate an organ to make it happen.


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The Simpsons’ Famous Duff Beer Is Coming To a Quik-E-Mart Near You

Homer’s alcoholic beverage of choice is about to make it’s debut in stores, although you may have to take a trip to pick up a sixer.


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Kids React To Using An Encyclopedia, Wonder Where the Heck Google Was

Those Fine Brothers are back with another insightful video showing what it’s like to be a kid in the new millennium.