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Have You Ever Received An Inappropriate Text Message at the Absolute Worst Time Ever?This morning, Jeffrey revealed that he was on a text thread on 4/20 called "4/20 Friends" and one of his friends on the thread is a professor who just happened to have his computer that receives all of his texts connected to a projector during a class lecture and all of his students saw the texts!
Jeffrey May Have To Do Something Super Awkward In Order To Adopt ... What Is It?As we all know, Jeffrey and his husband are thinking about adopting a child. But, Jeffrey recently got an email from the adoption agency asking him to do something super awkward in order to adopt. What is it?!
#TBT Question: What's The Very First Thing You Remember?Jeffrey's first memory was when he was kindergarten and it includes... rainbow toast????
Jeffrey Is Making a Major Life Decision... But May Have Already Screwed It Up!This morning, Jeffrey told Karen about a huge life decision he's making: he's thinking about going to see a therapist.
What Do You Hate Doing In Front Of Other People?Who do you think hates to cry in front of people? Is Jeffrey embarrassed to work out in front of other people?
Jeffrey Is Getting Parenting Advice From... Celebs?This morning, Jeffrey said he's been googling parenting advice and actually found some interesting advice from celebs.
Have You Ever Been in a Situation Where You Weren't Sure You'd Make It Out Alive?This morning, Jeffrey revealed that he had a very scary moment on the L train earlier this week and he literally didn't know if he would live or die!
FM Magazine: Tribeca N.O.W. at Tribeca Film FestivalDeb Gordon’s guest was Liza Domnitz, Programmer of Feature Films and Tribeca N.O.W. (New Online Work).  The Tribeca N.O.W program will run during the Tribeca Film Festival and include a showcase of new work from emerging talent, and special screenings from online networks.
Who Did Karen Punch in the Stomach While She Was in Labor?This morning, Jeffrey asked Karen, who has given birth to three kids, what her birthing playlist was...
Have You Ever Had a Moment Where Honesty Wasn't the Best Policy?This morning, Karen and Jeffrey revealed the four lies it's okay to tell.
#OnTheList with Xtine: Ranking The Solo Careers of One DirectionHow do the separate careers of One Direction rank? We break down the efforts of Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, and Liam Payne.
Jeffrey's Adoption Meeting Was This Weekend... What Happened?!Find out what happened during the meeting that may have caused Jeffrey to have a change of heart.

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