Carson & Cane’s Couple’s Court: The Case of the ‘Flirty Waitress’

Today on Couple’s Court we got absolutely nothing accomplished…oh except the fact that a marriage was basically broken up.

Robbin called us with an issue with this waitress her and her husband, Charlie, ALWAYS get whenever they go their favorite restaurant. She’s not rude, per-say, but she’s constantly flirting with Charlie. Robbin wants us to get to the bottom of it.

Since they hit up this dinner spot often, Robbin thinks it’s SO strange that at this point, she gets ignored by this waitress, but her husband cracks jokes and gets special treatment from this girl! Robbin even went with a girl friend one day to test out how this girl would act if Charlie wasn’t there… TOTALLY blew her off– not even a wave!

So we call Charlie to chat. He seems a little hesitant to admit why Sara (Charlie obvs knew her name–shocker) is so “friendly” to him and not Robbin. He insists it’s nothing…

…Until we find out that Sara and Charlie dated. OH and they see each other OUTSIDE the restaurant also.

Cue Robbin’s dramatic hang-up.

Check out the entire segment and comment below if you have ever felt like there was something fishy going on in your relationship that turned out to be TRUE.

–Alyssa Clarkin/Carson and Cane

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