#OnTheList with Xtine: 9 Sexy Rock Songs For Getting Down and Dirty

#OnTheList with Xtine is a weekly feature from Fresh 102.7’s Christine Richie that will be highlighting all things music and more, from her favorite emerging artists, top female vocalists, and much, much more!


The guys in the web department and I were throwing around ideas for some lists and somehow talk turned to music you listen to in the bedroom. I said I never listen to music in the bedroom and they found that to be so strange. They have specific playlists just for getting down and I thought that was weird. I think the fact that I’m a DJ is probably why I don’t like to listen to music in the bedroom. It sounds counter intuitive but I tend to focus on the music and it would most likely distract me. Maybe I’m missing out, but I also think a bedroom playlist is tricky; putting on the wrong music could be a turn off. If I was at a guy’s place and he tried to set the mood with say, Nickelback, I’d have to laugh and head for the door.

As much as I begged, the web guys wouldn’t divulge what’s on each of their playlists. Thanks for being no help guys!

I was on my own so I started thinking about what would get me in the mood. It turned out to be all dirty, gritty rock songs. I still don’t think I could soundtrack my exploits, but if I could this would be my list.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Web guy E.J. (Who the F is E.J.?) will share a few selections from his playlist. Not all of them. People need to focus and get work done around here.


The White Stripes – “Ball and Biscuit”

This song is basically great sex set to music; slow steady build and then when you’re on the edge and can’t take it anymore, it gets loud, driving, and intense. Repeat over and over, hopefully for longer than the 7 minutes the song lasts.


X Ambassadors – “Jungle”

This is not for the faint of heart. It’s just intense and the perfect tempo. This is for when you are deep into it, sweaty, and all inhibitions gone.


Kongos – “Take It From Me”

This one follows X Ambassadors nicely; same kind of unrelenting steady beat. They wrote the song about success and not letting it go to your head but, with lyrics like, “… When you start it’s just a matter of time, any minute you will cross that line,” it seems fitting for the bedroom as well.


Foo Fighters – “Darling Nikki” (Prince Cover)

I think this is one of the sexiest songs I’ve ever heard, which makes sense since it was written by Prince. He hates when artists cover his songs, but I think the Foo Fighters version is far hotter.

Disclaimer: I do have a major crush on Dave Grohl, which could have something to do with it. I also like that the woman in this song is the one in charge and has the skills.


Royal Blood – “Where Are You Now”

Let’s start with the lyric, “I’ve tasted every person, they don’t taste like you.” Hot!

They wrote this song for the HBO Show Vinyl: they were inspired after one of the characters talked about the first time you hear a song and it makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up or makes you want to dance. Considering my reaction when I first heard it, I’d say mission accomplished. I thought it was very sexy and I was instantly obsessed.


Queens of the Stone Age – “Nobody Knows”

I like that this one sounds a bit gritty. Plus, it’s another that starts with that slow, steady, driving beat before getting fast-paced and wild. They also keep changing up the tempo, which not only keeps the music interesting but probably a good idea for other things that may be happening while listening.


Jet – “Are You Going to Be My Girl”

I’m happy any time a song is about a girl with brown hair. I love how he’s just so turned on by this girl that he has to have her even though she’s with another man. The driving beat of the song adds to the desperation he feels about taking her home. When the first guitar lick hits you can tell this is going to be a fun ride. It’s for that moment you see someone and they stir something inside you and you think, “I’ve got to have that.”


Kings of Leon – “Sex on Fire”

This is an obvious one, but still great. I also think Caleb’s raspy voice is damn sexy.


Guns N’ Roses – “Welcome to the Jungle”

This is the song that started my love affair with this group; it’s so raw and dirty. Plus, it doesn’t get much better than Axl moaning over Slash’s sexy guitar licks (licks, amirite?!?). This one is for that animal attraction, where you just want to rip each others clothes off and have some fun.



Hi! It’s E.J. Since Christine asked so nicely, here are a few songs from my “oOoOoooo yeah” Spotify playlist. There’s currently about three hours of music on it, so I’ll keep this down to some key selections. And remember, variety is the spice of life: in life, the bedroom, and on playlists!


D’Angelo – “Really Love”

Before Black Messiah was released in late 2014, I was in high school the last time D’Angelo released a record. Like Voodoo, his latest album is perfect for setting the mood (except now I’m in my own apartment instead of the backseat of a Ford Taurus).

“Really Love” is great to start off your night.


Miguel – “Simple Things”

Miguel is a great combination of R&B vocals and vibe with, what Christine calls, some gritty guitar. I don’t mean to draw comparisons, but Miguel might be the modern day version of Prince when it comes to setting libidos on fire. You know, besides the whole Prince being a musical virtuoso and all.


Frank Ocean – “Thinkin Bout You”

Don’t tell me you forgot about Frank Ocean? I get it. He’s rude as hell for making us wait more than four years for a new album after dropping the brilliant channel ORANGE in 2012.

Anyway, “Thinkin Bout You” is the modern gold standard for music to get down to. Don’t think so? lol yea ok.


Halsey – “Young God”

“He says ‘Oh, baby girl, don’t get cut on my edges
I’m the king of everything and oh, my tongue is a weapon
There’s a light in the crack that’s separating your thighs
And if you wanna go to heaven you should f*** me tonight'”

Every track on Halsey’s BADLANDS could make it onto the playlist, but “Young God” is asking for it. It wants to be there. Don’t even remove the duplicate and let it happen a second time.


Portishead – “Glory Box”

I was about to end my selections after the next song, but realized half of my playlist consists of female musicians or female-fronted bands, but only one is included here. “Glory Box” stands alone as a great song to be included on the playlist, but Portishead also segues perfectly into the last one I’m including.


NIN – “Closer”

OKAY, I GET IT. You want more rock songs. Well, if “Closer” isn’t the pinnacle of gettin’ weird, I don’t know what to tell you. Rope, ball gags, [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED], [REDACTED], etc. Look, I can’t list all of the safe, sane, and consensual activities two (OR MORE!) people can get into when listening to NIN right here. I’ll (probably) lose my job.

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