Carson and Cane’s Couple’s Court: ‘Pooper Scooper’

Today we had to help out our listener, Jerry who called up complaining about his neighbor, Warren. Apparently, not only is Jerry’s trash can used for his garbage, but for all of Warren’s also.

This doesn’t sound that bad, but when Jerry explained the situation and we learned that Warren literally scoops up his dog’s poop with a shovel and dumps it right on in Jerry’s garbage can!! This is either laziness or Warren doesn’t want his can smellin’ like crap.

We called Warren and it kinda seems like he would be the worst/most entertaining neighbor to ever live next to. First of all, he sounds drunk (it’s 7am, man!) and secondly, he doesn’t care — at all.

You need to listen to the whole encounter because we have never laughed so hard during one of these “rulings”. We made the obvious decision to tell Warren to get his own darn garbage can and stop poopin’ scoopin’ on Jerry’s property! Warren just hates Jerry.

Check out the full call below and let us know if YOU have ever had a similar situation!

–Alyssa Clarkin/Carson and Cane

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