This Week On FM Magazine: The Sing For Hope Pianos Are Back

Deb Gordon spotlighted the Sing for Hope pianos with Sing for Hope co-founder, Monica Yunus, and illustrator/cartoonist Daniel White, who designed one of the pianos that will be on display in all 5 boroughs of New York from June 9 through June 19.

Sing for Hope was founded ten years ago with the mission to make the arts accessible to all New Yorkers, and in addition to bringing the pianos to the community each summer, also provides arts outreach programs to non- profit organizations and public institutions including schools and hospitals.

Every year since 2011, the Sing for Hope pianos have visually enhanced the city and brought joy to New Yorkers and visitors alike, who not only get to see the beautiful and unique artistic expressions as created by Daniel and 49 other artists, but can also play the instruments.

“This project is an ode to this magical city that has all of these magic moments happening…and we may not stop to look and engage, and I think that’s what the Sing for Hope pianos try to do – is give you an opportunity to do just that,” said Yunus.

Mr. White, who works with legendary artist Peter Maxx, discussed his love for art that pertains to the relationships between people, and how he applied that to his first ever piano design.

“I like things that are more personal,” said White. “The story that is on top there is about a boy plucking the moon out of the sky to give to his loved one…that to me is like a little magic moment that I tried to put into the piano.”

Sing for Hope relies on the community to be stewards of the pianos while they are on display and Ms. Yunus discussed the ways listeners could help.

“Each piano is equipped with a tarp and we ask the public to – if it’s raining – please come and cover it, or if you’d like you can sign up to be a piano buddy,” said Yunus.

After the public exhibition, the Sing for Hope pianos will be donated to the Department of Education and will grace the halls of schools in the New York area.

For more information and to see a listing of all Sing for Hope piano locations, visit


–Deb Gordon/Fresh 102.7

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