Carson and Cane’s Couple’s Court: ‘Late Nesters’

Cheryl called us up and asked us to talk to her husband about some roommates that just won’t leave their house — his PARENTS. After a big surgery, Samuel’s parents have been staying with them so his father could recover and have some extra hands, but Cheryl says it’s been months…she wants her house back!

Now, this sounds a little harsh at first. Sweet, older in-laws around all the time— it’s what some people wish for! But Cheryl says she’s had enough. She wants to be able to walk around her house naked (who doesn’t, right?)…Sam’s dad’s been up and kickin’; walking just fine and full functioning. She says the last straw was when they started bringing home furniture and knick knacks for THEIR house…they’re officially nesting.

So we call up Samuel— this is awkward though! How do you tell someone to kick out their parents!?

It sounds like Sam is really connected to his mom and dad— which is definitely sweet, BUT…his marriage on the other hand is sounding a bit rocky.

So what’s the deal? Well it seems as if Sam wants mommy and daddy near at all times… having your laundry done and folded up all nicely is great, Sammy, but you’re a married man! Grow up! Cheryl says a lot has changed, and the hectic and stressful feel of the house has got to get better.

We decided to let him spend three more weeks with his parents at his home. After that, kick their AirBnB renters out (so hip) and make sure they are nice and comfy back at THEIR house!!

Check out the full session! What would you do if your in-laws over-stayed their welcome?

–Alyssa Clarkin/Carson and Cane


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