Carson and Cane’s Couple’s Court: Doggie Daycare Dilemma

On today’s Couple’s Court we were introduced to Tara, AKA Lucifer. After her ex-boyfriend Dave called in asking us for help getting some money back, we didn’t realize we’d be dealing with the ice queen!

So Dave told us the background of the story. Tara went away to Europe for a month, and while she was away, her dog, Maxie, got really, really sick. Dave had to bring her to the vet, there was nothing else he could do! At the end of the day, he shelled out $3500 for the vet bill, BUT, he literally saved her dogs life.

When Tara got back from her trip, Dave asked her if she could pay him back for the money that was laid out for Maxie. Tara refused— she thought it was a stupid reason to spend $3500.

Now, there could definitely be two sides to the story, like if Jamie really had no money to spare and actually felt a little remorse for her dying pup, then we’d TOTALLY say she was right!

Tara’s a heartless b****.

Her most memorable sentence was “Sometimes dogs die, that’s what happens…It’s the cycle of life.”

Some people should not own animals!! We suggested she just hand over Maxie to somebody who actually loves her and wants to treat an animal how they deserve to be treated— like Dave! Tara didn’t even put up a fight. HA!

Thank GOD we got the dog outta crazy Tara’s house— try saving some money for your family dog instead of frolicking around Europe for a month!

–Alyssa Clarkin/Carson and Cane

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