City of Chicago Unceremoniously Clears Out Homeless in the Name of Mumford & Sons

Let it be known that no one is safe from the onslaught of Mumford & Sons and 35,000 of their biggest fans.

The city of Chicago is prepping for the rockers’ show at Montrose Beach tonight (June 17), and that, DNA Info reports, included evicting some of the city’s homeless population from nearby viaducts.

Not exactly a surprising move, but it’s apparently the tactics city officials used that’s more noteworthy—or perhaps lack thereof. Reportedly, there was a lack of coordination among officials and the city’s homeless, which is to say that some knew about needing to vacate the premises yesterday (June 16) while others were unclear on the matter, some believing they were able to move to a separate part of the lawn but were instead uprooted anyway.

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According to DNA Info, cleaning the viaducts is fairly common, with the homeless population generally able to relocate briefly to a nearby hill—but instead, this time they were forced to vacate the premises completely as the concert approaches.

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