Bono and Robin Thicke Among the Least Influential People of 2014, Says GQ

By Philip Cosores

There is sort of a paradox in the GQ “Least Influential Person” list for 2014. By simply making a list, any list, it would seem to disqualify you from lacking influence. Obviously, the least influential celebrities are the least famous, so as to be literally unable to influence based on their lack of coverage.

But, we digress, as GQ has named Bono and Robin Thicke among the year’s least influential people (via Billboard). Thicke makes some sense, as his latest album underperformed considerably and he is currently being sued for co-opting his most famous song from Marvin Gaye.

Bono, on the other hand, is a little more of a head-scratcher, with the magazine saying about the notorious Songs of Innocence release: “The worst part was the way both Apple and U2 treated this, like it was some kind of noble gift to The People; in fact this was a $100 million marketing campaign. Yes, $100 million to turn U2’s socially conscious dad-rock into a piece of direct mail.”


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