Artist Auctioning Jar of Sia’s Breath for Charity

Sia, the longtime songwriter who just had her solo breakthrough this year with “Chandeliers,” is known for retreating from the spotlight, recently performing concerts with her back to the crowd and rarely appearing in her own visuals.

So if your curiosity about the Australian artist has been building, you might be able to soon quench it with an upcoming auction for charity.

A jar of breath — you read that right — from the elusive singer is up for grabs on Halloween in her hometown of Adelaide. It’s all part of the Adelaide Film Festival, whose director Amanda Duthrie orchestrated the auction for charity and will be kicking it off after hosting a movie quiz night with her partner David Stratton.

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If you’re worried about the “Breathe” singer’s breath escaping the bottle, Duthrie can assure you that it’s packaged well.


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