50 War Movies Spoiled In 3 Minutes To Celebrate Independence Day

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SPOILER: Tom Hanks dies. (Photo By Getty Images)

SPOILER: Tom Hanks dies. (Photo By Getty Images)

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Remember that we have Friday off from work to eat meats from the grill and drink beer in a can while floating on an intertube in your friends pool because over 200 years ago some fine men gave their lives so we could have freedom.

Unknowingly, they also gave their lives so Hollywood could make absurd amounts of money by producing movies about all the wars we’ve been in, from the Revolutionary war to the recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Fine Brothers — you know them from Kids Reacting To Old Computers and Kids React To Using A Walkman For The First Time — decided to take 50 of your favorite (or not) war movies and spoil them in three minutes.

Don’t freak out. Mostly everyone dies. We have a feeling you knew that already.

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