Pharrell’s Hat Purchased by Arby’s Restaurant For Charity

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(Kevin Winters/Getty Images)

(Kevin Winters/Getty Images)

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By Jeremy D. Larson

Hats, right? They’re silly. They’re goofy. They come in all colors and shapes and sizes. There was a time where men and women wouldn’t dream of walking outside without wearing a hat (think Tombstone or Boardwalk Empire). Hats are woven into the fabric of our culture. God bless the USA, God bless The Hat.


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Pharrell wore a hat once, and it was pretty silly and goofy as far as the new standard of hats are concerned. It kind of looked like a cowboy hat! This was during the GRAMMYs and because everyone was online we all made memes and had a good laugh at it.

Someone noticed that it kind of looked like the roast beef fast food restaurant Arby’s. Even Arby’s thought the Vivian Westwood Mountain hat looked like its logo.

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