Going to Propose on Valentine’s Day? Ash Fox Knows the Best Place in NYC to Do It!

Ash Fox is a proposal photographer… ever heard of that? Then you aren’t as romantic as you thought you were! I had never heard of it, either, but Ash will shadow a couple in their most private and intimate moment to capture the proposal so you can remember it forever.

So guys…or girls, if you’re planning to propose, you hire Ash to find the perfect spot…sniper style with a long lens, hiding in the bushes or just “walking by” to capture that moment and the face of the woman you love when she (hopefully) says yes.

By the way, Ash hasn’t had one woman say “no” yet! Who could possibly say no to a guy or girl romantic enough to hire a proposal photographer?!

So where does Ash think is the best place in NYC to propose? The fountain at Lincoln Center!! And she has one BIG piece of advice for you…get down on one knee…that never goes out of style.

This Friday on Valentine’s Day, Ash is booked for four proposal photographs… do you think you’re one of them?

Ash Fox

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