How To Scare the S*#! Out Of New Yorkers! Hello, Devil Baby!

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‘Devil Baby’ (Devils Due NYC via YouTube)

‘Devil Baby’ (Devils Due NYC via YouTube)

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Talk about a BRILLIANT marketing strategy, the makers of DEVILS DUE a thriller opening in box offices this weekend, decided to take their little devil to the streets and scare the living crap of New Yorkers in a prank that has now gone viral!

No need for commercials for this new film. What better way to scare up some publicity than by leaving an abandoned baby carriage with the sounds of a crying baby and filming the reactions of concerned New Yorker’s when they go to investigate!

I laughed my a#@* off at this prank that now is viral and probably the best way to scare up some publicity for a brand new film.

Watch the horrified (but funny) reactions to “Devil Baby” here:

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