Buy Billie Joe Armstrong’s BMW Just in Time for the Holidays

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Courtesy MotoeXotica Classic Cars

Courtesy MotoeXotica Classic Cars

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billiejoebmw Buy Billie Joe Armstrong’s BMW Just in Time for the Holidays

Courtesy MotoeXotica Classic Cars

Looking for the ultimate gift for the punk rock lover in your life? How about picking up Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong’s 1972 BMW 2002tii off eBay?

Billie’s BMW is currently sitting at $21,000 online with four days to go, at the time we currently we’re writing this (Dec 10). It might seem like a hefty sum for some Punk memorabilia, but Hagerty Insurance values these vintage Beemers at over $40K in pristine condition. Plus, this one was photographed for Rolling Stone and comes with a signed guitar.

2002’s are beyond fun cars to drive. This one has a slew of BMW performance parts, and looks great in its original Night Metallic Blue paint. We’re not a sure why Billie or a previous owner decided to convert the rev-happy four speed to an automatic transmission though. Could he not drive stick?

No clue what BJA’s star power will do for the price of this car, but we’re thinking it should break the $30,000 mark just on condition alone.

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