Ladies, What Would You Do? Your Husband Has Put 300,000 Christmas Lights on the House!

What if you had the chance to win $50,000?

He’s not seeming like such a pain in the butt now, is he?!

Actually Kevin Lynch lives in Whitestone and for years he has been decorating the family home so you can see it from outerspace for the holidays, but this year it could win the Lynches $50,000! The Lynch family is one of four competing on the ABC reality series “The Great Christmas Light Fight” which premiered on Monday.

The families are from across the country and their holiday decorations are in competition with each other for the grand prize. The judges will use three criteria… use of lights, overall design and Christmas spirit.

I think the Lynches have this one locked up!! First of all they are from Queens…that right there means they should win…and Kevin Lynch has decorated his house with 300,000 lights and animatronic snowmen and Santas. Oh, and Kevin is retired FDNY.

C’mon just give them the 50 grand already!!!!

But, that made us think: What does his wife, Tina, think about his little hobby?

We decided to find out…

Kevin Lynch

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