Jim & Kim’s 12 Days Of Christmas Toys: Innotab

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kim berk Jim & Kims 12 Days Of Christmas Toys: Innotab

jim photo Jim & Kims 12 Days Of Christmas Toys: Innotab

jim kim facebook Jim & Kims 12 Days Of Christmas Toys: Innotab

Innotab {Photo: Joe Cingrana/Fresh 102.7)

Innotab {Photo: Joe Cingrana/Fresh 102.7)

He is a holiday tradition at Fresh 102.7!  Every year, Jim and Kim welcome Chris Byrne AKA The Toy Guy to the studios to tell everyone about the hottest toys that your kids will be clamoring for this holiday season!

Each day at 6:40, Chris will tell you about a brand new toy that is flying off store shelves and then, you have a chance to win it!

We’ll play you part of a commercial for a classic toy from your childhood.  If you’re the lucky caller and correctly guess the toy, you win the classic toy, the hot toy of the season AND a copy of Chris’ new book “Toy Time! From Hula Hoops to He-Man to Hungry Hungry Hippos: A Look Back at the Most- Beloved Toys of Decades Past!”

For today’s toy, Chris brought in the Innotab!

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