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This week, Deb Gordon’s guest was Alison Cohen, Senior Director of Programs at WhyHunger, which was co-founded by singer-songwriter Harry Chapin in 1975 and works to end hunger and poverty by connecting people to food and by supporting grassroots organizations who also believe that access to food is a basic human right and work to invent new ways to help build self-reliance and change the way our country is nourished.

Ms. Cohen provided current data about hunger in our society, specifically hungry New Yorkers, the majority of which are children whose numbers are increasing every year. Ms. Cohen also discussed the working poor who are food insecure and have difficulty acquiring nutritious foods in their neighborhoods and the organization’s efforts to help curb this growing trend.

Why Hunger raises millions of dollars annually to help the hungry gain access to nutritious food and vital services in a variety of ways including by producing Hungerthon, which is the organization’s largest outreach and raises awareness and funds to carry out their mission. Tune in to Hungerthon 2013 on December 5 for live broadcasts, celebrity interviews and concerts to help fight hunger across the country and around the world.

Listen HERE:

To donate, shop the signature Hungerthon line of gifts, or bid on exclusive auction items from your favorite musicians, athletes and personalities, visit


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