EW Cover Shows First Look Of “Fifty Shades” Stars Entwined

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Are you ready to see Hollywood’s version of Anastasia and Christian? Does it fit your fantasy? See the big screen’s version of the couple who basically CHANGED the way we look at sex.

Admit it, that book took you places you weren’t sure you’d ever go! (Whether it was in your mind or in the bedroom.)
Remember, the movie version of any book is ALWAYS different than the Big Screen version, and usually the book is better.

But do you think these two can bring 50 Shades even CLOSE to what you envisioned? We’ll find out for sure in August 2014 when Fifty Shades of Grey will be released nationwide!

Take a look at stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan together for the first tease of what’s to come!

–Karen Carson, Fresh 102.7
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