New Music To Know: In the Valley Below Make Moody Pop Inspired by Power Ballads & Phil Collins

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(Courtesy of Eddie Chacon)

(Courtesy of Eddie Chacon)

The first time Angela Gail saw her future In The Valley Below bandmate Jeffrey Jacob play the guitar she was blown away. It was at a small show in L.A. that Gail just happened to be checking out and as she watched, she imagined what it would be like to work with him. A few years later the two-who were eventually introduced through mutual friends were sitting in a recording studio trying to write a song together.

“It was really hard and the songs really sucked,” Gail admitted to about their first writing session, which did not live up to her prior daydreams. “Neither one of us was used to writing with people. We were both a little shy and it seemed liked it was really not going to work.”

The two decided to take a break and just talk about their vision for the band, which just so happened to be the same. Gail and Jacob both wanted to make music they liked listening to. And what they both liked listening to was a mix of power ballads and Phil Collins.


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