Katy Perry Teaches John Mayer How To Sell Albums

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Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

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It’s not as flashy as Katy Perry’s giant gold Prism truck, but it looks like John Mayer wasn’t content to let his girlfriend Katy Perry have all the fun.

John unveiled HIS big rig promoting his new album Paradise Valley. Katy had her big giant Gold truck travel across the country to get the word out that her new album Prism will be released on October 22nd. She invited her Twitter followers to take a picture of the truck if they see and she promised to re-post it on twitter.

John recently unveiled HIS truck on his Facebook page and wrote about heading to South America soon.

I’m not sure if we will see the Paradise Valley truck cruising into our neighborhood anytime soon, but hey, if it worked for Katy…

–Karen Carson, Fresh 102.7

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