Phoenix Releases 21-Minute Performance Film Shot In A Plane, A Boat, A Garden

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The latest video offering from Phoenix will have A/V students geeking out big time.

The band’s new “Take Away Phoenix” is a 21-minute movie featuring the performance of four songs for La Blogothèque’s Take Away Shows, in a single movie. But the kicker is not necessarily the music, although fantastic, it’s how and where the movie was shot and recorded.

Video director Colin Solal Cardo and sound director François Clos were able to capture stunning footage of the band playing “Bourgeois” while in a plane flying over the Alps. But more impressive are the shots captured at the Palace of Versailles by rather unorthodox means. “Entertainment” was shot using a drone helicopter at dawn in the empty gardens of the Palace of Versailles, “Trying to be cool” was shot with the band in a boat in Neptune’s bassins, and “Countdown” was played in a small garden in the palace of Versailles. Like previous La  Blogothèque videos, all performances were shot with just one camera and no edits.

Watch La Blogothèque’s  ‘Take Away Phoenix’.



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