Underwear Vending Machines: Grab A Bra To Go!

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I’m not really sure women NEED this convenience but it might be on street corner near you soon!

A vending machine where you can grab a quick bra, you know, when you have a bra emergency.

Ok, let’s think about this.

I mean, not all “girls” are created equal and besides the fit, do you really want to chance the $30 bucks in the vending machine only to see it get stuck? Who do you call? Are women in Tokyo busting out and breaking straps so often we need to have replacements sold as conveniently as candy bars?

My vote? A flip flop vending machine! That’s a strap I break every week during summer and there is not much worse than having to walk barefoot through New York City! But hey Tokyo… let us know how that idea works out!

–Karen Carson, Fresh 102.7

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