Kim’s College: Bruce Willis, Bret Michaels and Jimmy Fallon!

She is our dean of pop culture for Kim’s College of Hollywood Knowledge. Kim now has 32 losses on her record so let’s go for another!

We’ll give Kim the same FIVE questions. If you get more questions right than her, you win $102.

Otherwise, Kim wins!

Here are today’s questions:

  1. Bruce Willis recently revealed that he’s allergic to mice. What’s the name of the series of films where he played John McLane?
  2. As we learned in today’s Hollywood Hotsheet at 7:08, this celebrity chef has only saved 2 restaurants from his show Kitchen Nightmares. Name him.
  3. Bret Michaels will likely return for another reality show, because his music career is not going well. What glam-metal band was he the lead singer for?
  4. Jimmy Fallon just had a baby girl with his wife and named her Winnie Rose. What’s the name of his late night show?
  5. Today is author J.K. Rowling’s birthday and it was recently revealed that she had released a hit novel entitled The Cuckoo’s Calling under this pseudonym. Name it.

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College - July 31

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