We’re Looking For A “Replacement Jim!” Maybe It’s You, Lorne!!!

Apparently while I was away last week he took the opportunity to Kim-bash…the WHOLE WEEK. Now, I didn’t listen to the show while I was on vacation, but word got back to me that my partner of 13 years couldn’t resist a few (quite a few) snarky comments at my expense and when I wasn’t here to defend myself.

Of course, he denied it all. But…THIS IS RADIO…so there is a digital record of his Kim-bashing. Producer Craig scoured each day’s show and found all those little gems (“Kim’s not here…enjoy the quiet”) to make a highlight (or lowlight) reel of Jim’s greatest bashes.

Listen HERE:

Co-Host The Morning Show

Our first audition for Replacement Jim is Lorne who is an active-duty Army soldier and had three categories to choose from for his audition: Pop Culture, “Karoke with Kim” or “How Well Do You Know the Woman Who Will Be Sitting Next to You?”

Let’s see how Lorne did below:

Audition - Lorne

Not bad, Lorne. But I think we’ll be holding on to our pal Jim for now.

If YOU think YOU can do better, let us know!

If you would like to be the Replacement Jim, email me kim@fresh1027.com with all your information and why you think you would be a good Replacement Jim!!

–Kim Berk/Fresh 102.7

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