Jack Johnson’s ‘I Got You’ Is A Snapshot Of Who He Is Right Now

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Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

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As Jack Johnson gears up for the release of his sixth studio album, From Here To Now To You, he sat down with Radio.com to tell the stories behind the tracks on his upcoming LP.

While many of his songs on each album are written about his wife, Kim, he said that this time around his children played a major role in his songwriting. One track in particular, “You Remind Me of You,” was written about his daughter.

But it was his wife who inspired his latest single, “I Got You,” which talks about how Kim is the only person he truly needs in his life. “I got you, I got everything/I’ve got you, I don’t need nothing more than you/ I got everything, I’ve got you,” he sings on the chorus as he delicately strums his acoustic guitar.

Johnson explained that this particular song best represents where he is in life right now.

“Even when life isn’t always easy, it’s just nicer when you have somebody you can share it with,” he said. “The hard times and the easy times.”

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