Jack Johnson On What To Expect From New Album ‘From Here To Now To You’

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Jack Johnson (Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

Jack Johnson (Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

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Jack Johnson strolled on stage at Lincoln Center’s Allen Room (June 24) like it was a day at the beach. Dressed in blue jeans, blue t-shirt and flip-flops, his casual demeanor was a hint at what was to come that evening. At the intimate solo acoustic performance in New York, the lucky few in attendance would hear a preview of Johnson’s forthcoming album, From Here To Now To You.

The 90-minute set included his signature hits like fan favorite “Banana Pancakes,” the reality TV-show inspired “Good People,” and “Better Together.” In between the familiar tracks, Johnson peppered his new material alongside comical stories that explained how each of the songs originated.

Johnson admitted to writing delicately-strummed new track, “Don’t Believe A Thing I Say,” as a joke. When things go wrong for his wife — for instance broken computer — her excuse is, “Mercury is in retrograde.”

“I found myself teasing my wife but end up teasing myself,” he confessed. “All my songs are teasing my wife they just happen to turn into love songs.”

Johnson’s forthcoming sixth album, From Here To Now To You (out September 17), is no different. While the album is populated with love songs for his wife Kim (like first single “I Got You”), others are written through the eyes of his children.

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