Kim’s College: Kate Hudson, Beyonce and Man of Steel!

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(Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images)

(Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images)

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kim berk Kims College: Kate Hudson, Beyonce and Man of Steel!

jim photo Kims College: Kate Hudson, Beyonce and Man of Steel!

jim kim facebook Kims College: Kate Hudson, Beyonce and Man of Steel!

She is our dean of pop culture for Kim’s College of Hollywood Knowledge.

Kim now has 31 losses on her record so let’s go for another!

We’ll give Kim the same FIVE questions. If you get more questions right than Kim, you win $102.

Otherwise, Kim wins!

Here are today’s questions:

  1. Not all celebrity marriages break-up. This New Jersey rocker has been married to his wife, Dorothea, since 1989. We wonder if his band mate Richie attended the wedding. Name this rock star.
  2. As we learned in today’s Hollywood Hotsheet at 7:08, THIS actor reportedly has a stinky problem on the set of his new movie. You may know him as Mrs Doubtfire or Mork from Ork. Name him.
  3. Man of Steel was #1 at the box office over the weekend. The actor who played Lex Luthor in the last Superman film, Superman Returns, was this actor, best known for The Usual Suspects & American Beauty. Name him.
  4. We hear Kate Hudson is lobbying hard for a spot on the show “Inside The Actors Studio”, in an effort to bring up her profile in Hollywood. Kate played Cassandra July on this Fox TV show that also stars Chris Colfer and Lea Michele. Name it.
  5. Beyonce is giving you a chance to work for her on her “current World Tour BUT you have to bid on the privilege, with the money going to charity. What is the name of her World Tour?

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